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New Generation TeraSense Imager

Terahertz Imaging From Terasense

TeraSense fabricates low-cost 2D semiconductor sensor arrays scalable to match required shape and dimensions, from a square to a linear matrix, with available pixel sizes of 0.5×0.5, 1.5×1.5 and 3.0×3.0 millimeters. These arrays are utilized to construct cost-effective, highly sensitive and exceptionally compact terahertz cameras capable of ultra-fast registration rate of up to 5000 fps. As this novel technology presently outranks any competition, it has great potential to become an expedient element in a broad scope of hi-tech applications

Terahertz Cameras
Terahertz Scanners
Terahertz Sources
Terahertz Screening System

Terasense Product Application Example

THz non-destructive testing

NDT Visual Scanning
- Low Cost
- Suitable in various industry
- Similiar to X-Ray Vision
- Detect Internal Defect
- TeraHertz Vision

Security screening

Security screening of a hand-gun in a box

- Covert and overt surveillance
- Compact solution / easy deployment
- Stand-off imaging
- Low cost

Medical imaging (THz tomography)

THz imaging systems can help in detecting early cancer

Potential biomedical applications
- Non-invasive technique for early detection of cancer
- Ex-vivo spectroscopy / imaging of tissues (biopsy)
- In-vivo examination of tissue via spectroscopy / imaging
- Dental care
- Diagnostics of osteoarthritis, arthritis etc

Inspection of agricultural products

Inspecting hazelnuts within nutshell

Easy Implmentation
- Fungal Detection
- Fruits Defects
- Separation of hulled and unhulled

Terahertz Imaging In Various Industries

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