Measuring Microscope & Smartscope

Complete Data Transfer Systems

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Dataswitch V 1.0

Design for: Nikon NM200/NM400/NM800 Olympus STM6/STM7 OGP/QVI Smartscope ZIP/Flash Series

Real Time Data Transfer

Direct transfer all your metrology data to your server in real time. With DATASWITCH, reduce your operator working hours, eliminate all the unnecessary error, be it intentional or not, all human errors can be avoided. Data collection have never been faster and easier now with Dataswitch.

Touchscreen Tablet
Adjustable & Locked Frame
Hand switch

Dataswitch Capability

Fully custom designed

SECS/GEM or SQL Application
- Deploy easily with your chosen communication method
- Sample Details Validation
- Bar code scanner entry
- Customizable settings
- Touchscreen on request (optional)

Auto Calculation with Formula

Complete Math Operation: Trigonometry & Logarithms

- Auto conversion of measurement unit
- Full operation math and logic formula
- Fully customizable input table design
- Validation, Undo and Reset Function for ease of usage - Includes with all trigometric and logarithms functions

Wide Range of Input Method

Complete Operation with Metrology Equipments/Program

Measuring Scope and Smartscope
- Real time data collection
- RS232 or other signal input
- Read data instantly from Manufacturer Software
- Easily deploy and apply
- Applicable in wide range of Metrology equipment

Eliminate Errors

Fully digitalize your metrology data

- Eliminate Operator Typo
- Reduce human resources needs
- Improve production time
- Full and complete data collection
- Paperless, skip all writting and uploading works

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